“The Time to Speak Out Has Come.” Khodi Dill Launches New Anti-Racism Public Speaking Endeavour

Ever since Breathe In; Speak Out dropped, I’ve been hung up on the last two words of the poem’s title.  They were my own words, and they were a call to action.  It’s recently dawned on me that I can’t continue allowing only a modest YouTube presence to be my only avenue for answering this call myself.  That’s why I’m announcing today the official launch of my next endeavour – public lectures on race and racism.  This is by no means a new endeavour for me; I’ve long been a public speaker, especially of poetry, and regularly of lectures too, but I want the world to know that I will answer the call to fight racism with my words in a multitude of ways: spoken word, writing, and through academic, or shall I say Blackademic public speaking engagements.  

Please visit the newly launched Bookings page on my website, and please consider reaching out on behalf of your school or organization for a blunt talk with me about racism in North America, and how to fight it courageously.  

**Please note: this announcement comes with a surprise hidden announcement about my writing career that you’ll find in bold on my Bookings page.  

Many thanks to all my educators, family, and friends who’ve supported me in my learning, writing, spoken word, and public speaking endeavours through encouragement, feedback, pushing, prodding, providing testimonials, guiding, correcting, educating, teaching, and straight up just believing in me over the years.  I have taken the time to learn and grow.  I have taken the time to breathe in.  The time to speak out has come, so please join me.  Let the Breathe In; Speak Out tour begin.

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